Your diverse experiences and personal stories are the foundation of this community.

Our Writers Residency for Underrepresented Storytellers is an initiative we put into action in 2020 to foster representation and support past-due conversations throughout the outdoor industry.

Underrepresented Storytellers

We're prioritizing featuring the work of our industry's underrepresented communities because we need to do a better job of elevating and amplifying their voices.

Our application period for 2021 is currently closed.

Residency details, from compensation to connection.

Compensation (per person): $4,000 cash and gear package from partners.

What the program entails:
- Each resident will be profiled on the Outbound Collective's website, email, social channels to 15M+ users
- Weekly featured work on the Outbound Collective's website, email, and social channels
- Introductions & networking with our industry partners
- Access to exclusive discounts from top industry brands
- Work directly with the Outbound Collective's founders

Six months of impactful storytelling and cultivating relationships.

Our Fall 2020/Spring 2021 residents are now alums. We're grateful for the experiences each of them shared during their residency, and we're staying connected as our outdoor adventures continue.

Erin McGrady

Erin McGrady is a trail runner, small wave surfer, photographer, and camper van traveler who is based in Asheville, North Carolina. She writes stories and takes pictures about her adventures with her wife in an effort to help more people not only access the outdoors but have fun while doing so.

Erin's stories

Adam Edwards

Adam is an outdoorsman and writer based in Portland Oregon. You can find him trying to share the experiences of his day-to-day life as an arborist, writer, whitewater kayaker, and his lived experience as a person of color who is deeply invested in outdoor activities.

Adam's stories

Amanda Machado

Amanda is a writer and facilitator whose work explores how race, gender, power, and identity affect the way we travel and experience the outdoors. In addition to her essay writing, Amanda also facilitates workshops on justice and anti-oppression for organizations around the world. After spending a third of her twenties abroad, she is currently creating a home in Oakland, CA. 

Amanda's stories

Industry Partners help make our Writers Residency possible.

We thank Eddie Bauer, HOKA, and Sawyer Products for complementing our residents’ cash compensation with substantial gear packages.