An ecosystem of support and shared values.

We’re seeking to build meaningful, long-term relationships with key partners who share our vision for building a better future. 

Community Partners

We’re working with affinity groups and nonprofits from underrepresented communities to amplify their work and to support them however we can. This includes sharing their stories, promoting their fundraising efforts and events, and facilitating connections with our Industry Partners. If you are interested in joining us, we’d love to hear from you.

In Solidarity Project

In Solidarity Project is a grassroots organization led by Teresa Baker that is home to the Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge. We’re inspired to use our shared voice for change. It’s time for the outdoor industry to make a bold step towards diversity, equity and inclusion. It’s time to elevate people of color and other marginalized identities.

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Outdoor Outreach

Outdoor Outreach is a San Diego-based nonprofit whose mission is to connect youth to the transformative power of the outdoors. We provide positive opportunities and support for our communities’ most vulnerable youth, helping them overcome risk factors like domestic violence, homelessness, immigration or refugee status, or involvement in the juvenile justice system.

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The Venture Out Project

The Venture Out Project leads backpacking and wilderness trips for the queer and transgender community. We also conduct transgender inclusion workshops for educators, adventure professionals, summer camps and more!

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HBCUs Outside

HBCUs Outside wants to see more Black faces running trails, climbing mountains, and sitting at outdoor industry boardroom tables. They help HBCU students and alumni enjoy the natural world and become the leaders we need for a healthy planet and a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive outdoor industry. Their focus is on local experiences, access to gear libraries, and expeditions in the backcountry.

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Paradox Sports

Paradox Sports is dedicated to transforming lives and communities through adaptive climbing opportunities that defy convention. We offer accessible climbing experiences for people with disabilities, defying the perception that people with a disability cannot lead a life of adventure. Challenges include both indoor and outdoor rock climbing, ice climbing and mountaineering.

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Fat Girls Hiking

Fat Girls Hiking is fat activism, body liberation & outdoor community.  We want to take the shame and stigma out of the word FAT and empower it.  Our motto, Trails Not Scales focuses on Self Care in the outdoors. We promote weight-neutrality and Health At Every Size.  We want to create a space where fat and marginalized folks can come together in community to create safer spaces in the outdoors.

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Color Outside

Color Outside helps Black, Indigenous, and women of color create unapologetic, JOY-filled lives through community, coaching, and outdoor adventure.

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SheJumps increases the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities to foster confidence, leadership, and connection to nature and community through free and low-cost outdoor education.

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Industry Partners

We’re working with a select number of outdoor and travel partners who share our passion for building a more inclusive outdoor and travel industry. We collaborate on exclusive opportunities that more fully integrate these partners within our user experience and we also help facilitate authentic connections with our community. Our work would not be possible without the support of these partners. If you’re interested in joining us, we’d love to hear from you.

Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer: Active outdoor brand inspiring and enabling you to #LiveYourAdventure for 100 years.

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VISIT FLORIDA, serves as Florida's official source for travel planning. What can be discovered beyond Florida’s 825 miles of beaches? How about 320 freshwater springs, 175 state parks, infinite mangrove tunnels and hidden caverns. Let your adventure begin. Follow Your Sunshine.

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Empowering everyone to feel like they can fly. A bold and unexpected approach to performance footwear. It’s Time To Fly™. #timetofly

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Sawyer Products

We are a US based company with a global mission. At Sawyer, we use the best technology to make simple products that keep you going regardless of your journey — whether camping or ultralight backpacking, keeping your kids safe and hydrated, or bringing clean water to developing countries.

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The backcountry is where you play, unwind, and connect with nature. We have everything you need to get you there.

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