Our Films

We are committed to telling beautiful, important stories that elevate athletes and leaders from traditionally marginalized communities who challenge the antiquated concepts of belonging in the outdoors.

Episode 1

Nailah Blades Wylie

Our first film tells Nailah's story, and how she started Color Outside.

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Episode 2

Jess Sporte

Our second film features Jess, an adaptive climber from Colorado, and Paradox Sports.

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Episode 3

Christine Hill

Creating space through online connections

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Episode 4

Teresa Baker

A group of leaders get the first look at a brand new redwood grove in Northern California.

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Episode 5

Lesford Duncan

The story of Lesford Duncan & Outdoor Outreach as they strive to connect youth with the transformative power of the outdoors and work to foster our industry's next generation of leaders and advocates.

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Episode 5 Vignette

Tatiana Butte

Tatiana is a Leadership Program graduate and Outdoor Equity Advocate at Outdoor Outreach. She is sharing the transformative power of the outdoors with youth from her local communities, and working to ensure equitable access to the outdoors for future generations.

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Episode 5 VIGNETTE

Lexus Morrow

Lexus is an amazing young leader who is committed to sharing the resilience, joy, and healing power of the outdoors with a new generation of kids working to overcome their own adversity and challenges.

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Episode 6

Jahmicah Dawes

This is the story of Slim Pickins Outfitters, the nation’s first Black-owned outdoor gear shop, and its owners Jahmicah and Heather Dawes. Get an inside look at the inspiration behind the store, the vital energy and spirit they bring to Stephenville, TX, and the positive impact they are creating within the outdoor industry.

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Episode 7

Beyond the Scope

Meet Anna Le, an aquatic ecologist and environmental educator. Anna has spent years welcoming students, families, community members, and beginners in the outdoors to connect with our outdoor spaces, and each other.

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