Our goal is to build a more inclusive outdoor community by elevating and empowering underrepresented members.

the Outbound collective’s
#everyoneoutside initiative


As a minority-owned business, The Outbound’s mission has always been to make adventure more accessible for everyone. Over the course of the past six years, our community-driven website and mobile apps have grown to reach over 12 million users and 800,000+ followers on social media. And yet, we can do better.

We realize that there are voices, faces, and perspectives that lack strong representation across our channels and within the larger outdoor and travel industries. Our team is committed to changing that.

Our Story


We’re ready to do the work.

#EveryoneOutside is our initiative to increase diversity, promote equity, and foster inclusion in the outdoors, and it also represents our Outdoor Diversity CEO Pledge action plan.

This effort is focused on creating a more inclusive and culturally diverse outdoor community by: 1) elevating the profiles, work, and stories of marginalized athletes, leaders, organizations, and affinity groups; and 2) empowering minority members of our community by increasing access to essential outdoor skills and activities.

This is more than a marketing campaign - it is a long-term commitment and at the heart of who we are as a company.



Digital Campaign

The Outbound reaches millions of outdoor and travel enthusiasts across our various channels, and we are fortunate to have grown such an amazing community over the years. We are devoted to using our platform to increase representation of marginalized groups in the outdoors.

Whether it’s through multimedia storytelling, interviews, social features, promotions, collaborations, or inclusion in media projects, we are excited to amplify the work of our minority community partners.


Pursuit Series Events

The Outbound’s Pursuit Series is the outdoor industry’s only multi-day adventure camp where our community comes together to escape, learn, and reconnect with nature. Pursuit exists to create a safe, convenient place for anyone to learn new outdoor skills and activities while also deepening their connection with the outdoors. One of the challenges individuals face in attending Pursuit is the cost of a ticket.

With #EveryoneOutside, we are addressing this challenge by working with industry partners to create a pool of 150 free VIP Passes for members of underrepresented communities. Our goals are to eliminate barriers that make it challenging to access our events, and to build skills, and generate enthusiasm across more communities.



We are excited to partner with athletes, leaders, organizations, and affinity groups who are already engaged in the hard work of expanding access to the outdoors by creating structures that diversify an industry that is currently not representative of our society at large.

#EveryoneOutside is our attempt to support these leaders and elevate their stories, experiences, ambitions, and perspectives.


Our CEO & Co-Founder recently signed the Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge, founded by Teresa Baker. The #EveryoneOutside initiative is the direct result of the Pledge work that we’ve engaged in with Teresa. This is our way of thoughtfully leveraging the unique aspects of our business that we believe support the creation of a more diverse and inclusive outdoor industry.


Industry Partners

We’re a small, bootstrapped team trying to build a better, more open outdoor community. We are committed to this cause, and we couldn’t do it without the support of our industry partners.

If you’re a company or organization that shares our vision, we’d love to work with you.

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