We are the modern outdoors.

We’re building a diverse community of everyday adventurers who celebrate the simple joys of getting outside and connecting with each other. Let’s build it together.

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We help restore our belonging in nature and inspire each other with the confidence to explore new places and try new things.

Our vision

We are building the most comprehensive guide to getting outside - unlocking access to the best local outdoor adventures and places to stay, whether just down the street or across the globe.

Our community

As a community-driven media platform, we leverage the power of our users’ diverse local knowledge to unlock the best adventures, trips, basecamps, and stories from across the globe. We're a growing community of over 15 million passionate locals, travel experts, conservationists, athletes, gear junkies, advocates, writers, and photographers who contribute their experiences, tips, perspectives, and recommendations - all to help inspire others and to contribute to our shared mission.

Our pledge

As a POC-owned and operated business, we have a strong appreciation for the importance of building a community that reflects our society’s beautiful diversity. We believe that differences (of all kinds) make us stronger, more resilient, and generally more interesting. We are proud signatories of the Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge and we are committed to fostering an inclusive community that supports, elevates, and amplifies traditionally marginalized groups.

A note from our founders

Hi. If you don't know us yet, we're two half-Asian kids from southern California. We grew up riding bikes, surfing, skating, fishing, car camping, and playing organized sports. We loved being outside, and yet didn’t consider ourselves “outdoorsy”. And we didn’t feel particularly welcome in more traditional outdoor spaces. That concept of what it means to be “outdoorsy”, and everything jammed into it, just never connected with us. It still doesn’t.

We need to work harder to change that.